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Cut Sermon Prep Time In Half

Learn to Preach
Pastor Marsh,
I have just completed your Preaching with Power Course! I enjoyed reading about your philosophy of preaching. The assignments at the end of each chapter really helped me focus my energies and become much more disciplined in my sermon preparation.
Rebera Foston,M.D., DMin
Pastor Marsh
Your program is just what it claimed to be, I have been preaching for 3-4 years and I am the Pastor of a start up church for two of them and i have found your course to be the best, a great asset to my ministry, of all the courses and books i have read and been through, this one has been the one that has given me the ability to preach with power. I Thank You for being there every time i have needed you to be.  Thanks So much i praise the Lord for you and your course.

Brother Fallon
Pastor of Grace Baptist Church
Burl, Ma.
Dear Walt,
    Thank you so much for the help. The preaching with power series and the online help have been a blessing. I have and am using many if not most of the book every week.
    Again, thank you for caring enough to share with us who are younger and inexperienced and so busy that we can't see straight.
    May God continue to bless your ministry of help and your preaching ministry.

    Scott Conner

How To Preach?

"This course gave me the ability to preach with power"

"The Preaching with Power course has been a blessing"

I am so confident that this course will improve your preaching I will give you a 60 day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 
You have nothing to lose and powerful preaching to gain. 
You Face a Gigantic Challenge Every Week.

You must preach, one, two and possibly three sermons to a congregation that has already heard you speak many times. This is a gargantuan task because your congregation expects your sermons to be fresh, interesting, dynamic and challenging. They are looking to you to bring them a fresh insight from the Bible. They are looking to you to bring them guidance for their lives. They are expecting you to challenge them, inspire them and motivate them. They want a personal message. Not something generic, not something canned or copied. They deserve to receive God's message for them for that particular moment.

Not Enough Hours in the Week

To meet this challenge requires hours of research and study. It requires time spent secluded with God's word, mining its riches for just the right nugget for that sermon. However, there is a problem. Your ministry has other obligations also. There are visits to the hospital and visits to prospects in addition to organizational meetings, civic meetings and the many other administrative tasks of the ministry. With only one hundred sixty eight hours in a week, how can you do everything expected and required of you and spend the necessary time to properly prepare your sermons?

Do You Borrow OPS?

Many good preachers rely on using the sermons of other preachers. You may find yourself in a pinch for time, so you open a book of sermons or a collection of sermon outlines and you copy a sermon. The sermon you borrow doesn't exactly fit your style, it doesn't exactly fit your congregation's needs, it isn't exactly right. But it will do for this time.
The problem is that this becomes a habit. You find yourself relying on OPS (other preacher's sermons) more and more. In this age of internet access you can subscribe to sermon outline services, you can download collections of sermons. You can get sermons with power point presentations, illustrations and the total dog and pony show. But are these what you really want or what your people need?

Whooping and Rambling

Sometimes you enter the pulpit unprepared. You have an unclear idea of what you want to preach and you are not organized. You do not have a sermon, just an idea. So you begin to preach without a clear directions and soon start rambling.  Sometimes you lose your way in a sermon and start whooping to fill the time. This is not what you want.

What You Really Want

You want to be able to write your own sermons. You want to preach sermons that speak to your particular congregation, not some generic congregation. You want to be able to preach to your people about their situation. You want to be able to study rapidly and effectively and produce quality messages for your people. You want to be able to preach with power and effectiveness.

Cut Sermon Preparatin Time in Half

What if you could find a way to cut your sermon preparation time in half? What would that be worth to you? Suppose there was a technique that would supercharge your ability to see the natural divisions of a scripture and come up with perfect points for your sermon. What is that worth? What if there was a method of organizing a sermon that would make your messages perfectly clear to your congregation? What if I could show you a way to preach so that your congregation will respond to your sermons? Would it be worth a few hours per week to learn these methods and techniques? You bet it would.

If you only saved four hours per week in preparation, that is over TWO HUNDRED hours per year! What could you do with that extra time?

What would it mean to your congregation if your sermons became more pointed and effective? What would happen to your ministry if your preaching was more dynamic and interesting?

Your Ministry Will Grow

Let me tell you what would happen. Your ministry will grow! Your influence will expand. Your effectiveness for God will increase. My friend you cannot put a price tag on that! The Preaching with Power course can transform your preaching.

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Don't Make a $56,000 Dollar Mistake

When Charles ( not his real name) was called into the Gospel ministry he did what a lot of us did, he enrolled in a good Bible college.  He researched the colleges and found one that seemed to have everything he wanted in a college.  Was this a mistake?  Not exactly. 

He learned a lot.  He learned systematic theology.  He learned a little Greek, a little Hebrew.  He learned a little church history.  He had an overview of the Old Testament and the New Testament plus a lot of general education courses -- Math, English Lit, Sociology, Psychology, and several other electives too.  He took tennis and golf and also an art class.

But the one thing he did not learn -- the one thing he really needed to learn but didn't -- was how to preach.  Even though he took what was called Homiletics, he graduated unprepared to preach 2 or 3 good sermons each week. 

Did he waste $56,000 of tuition?  Not exactly.  But he was not prepared  to preach.  He was called to a small country church.  His people called him "Preacher."  The little old ladies called him their "Preacher Boy" but he knew in his heart he was not a good preacher.  Every week he struggled to come up with a sermon.  By Saturday afternoon he was sweating bullets worrying because his sermon was not emerging from his mind.  All his education did not serve him well sitting in his study at midnight Saturday night.

He discovered that there were sermons available on the internet.  He tried them; he preached them as his own,  but it didn't feel right.  They didn't seem to fit him or his congregation.  Then one day he came across the secret of powerful preaching.

For less than the cost of 30 minutes of Bible college he learned how to preach powerful sermons.  He practiced what he learned and became a powerful preacher who no longer burned the midnight oil struggling to come up with a sermon.  How did this happen?  READ HOW HE DID IT.

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